Anurag Daudia

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Chylous fistulae are uncommon but serious complications of neck surgery, occurring with an incidence of 1-3% after radical neck dissection. The majority occur on the left side (75-92%) and are due to damage to the terminal segment of the thoracic duct as it drains into the great veins of the neck in the region of the venous angle. The risk of trauma to the(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Previous studies on hearing loss (HL) after acoustic neuroma removal concentrate mainly on pure-tone hearing results rather than hearing disability. Our objectives were to use the Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing scale (SSQ), a comprehensively validated questionnaire, to characterize and quantify the auditory disabilities that(More)
Figure 2 Right mid and lower zone opacification after lung re-expansion. rax and pooling of fluid in the affected lung causing hypovolaemia. Packed cell volume rises,3 as in the case reported here, and responds to prompt fluid resuscitation. Recollapse of the affected lung may in theory reverse the cardiorespiratory compromise but there are no reports of(More)
OBJECTIVE Tympanostomy tubes are associated with many complications, the most common being recurrent otorrhoea, in many cases resistant to medical treatment. With the associated vestibulo-cochlear toxicity of many topical antibiotics, their use is dose limited. Removal of the tympanostomy tube has been shown to cure the otorrhoea, however, it is associated(More)
OBJECTIVE Long-term tympanostomy tubes are associated with a significant rate of complications, particularly persistent perforation. We describe the outcomes of 57 subannular ventilation tube insertions in 45 consecutive patients. DESIGN Retrospective case series. SUBJECTS We studied 45 consecutive patients with chronic otitis media with effusion and(More)