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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Disinfection of prostheses with chemical solutions has deleterious effects on dentures. The appropriate power setting of microwave for disinfection, without affecting denture base properties, is a controversy. PURPOSE To evaluate and compare the effect of simulated microwave disinfection at a recommended power setting on the(More)
Natural language processing applications invariably perform word sense disambiguation as one of its processing steps. The accuracy of sense disambiguation depends upon an efficient algorithm as well as a reliable knowledge-base in the form of annotated corpus and/or dictionaries in machine readable form. Algorithms working on corpus for sense disambiguation(More)
The machine translation process may be unidirectional or bidirectional between a pair of languages. Or it can be multilingual too. A number of software's are developed till date and different advancements are taking place in this field to overcome the language barriers and create borderless marketplace. Still there are many challenges involved in this field(More)
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