Anurag Chaudhry

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—This paper examines the performance degradation of a MOS device fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) due to the undesirable short-channel effects (SCE) as the channel length is scaled to meet the increasing demand for high-speed high-performing ULSI applications. The review assesses recent proposals to circumvent the SCE in SOI MOSFETs and a short(More)
—A two–dimensional (2-D) analytical model for the surface potential variation along the channel in fully depleted dual-material gate silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs is developed to investigate the short-channel effects (SCEs). Our model includes the effects of the source/drain and body doping concentrations, the lengths of the gate metals and their work(More)
paper considers multihop wireless networks that are used for multicast traffic i.e., networks in which subsets of users are interested in identical information such as a video clipping. We calculate an upper bound on the achievable throughput per multicast flow as a function of the number of sources, number of destinations per source, number of interfaces(More)
Laterally oriented single-crystal silicon nanowires are epitaxially grown between highly doped vertically oriented silicon electrodes in the form of nanobridges. Resistance values extracted from the current-voltage measurements for a large number of nanobridges with varying lengths and diameters are used to propose a model which highlights the relative(More)
The utility problem in speedup learning describes a common behavior of machine learning methods: the eventual degradation of performance due to increasing amounts of learned knowledge. The shape of the learning curve (cost of using a learning method vs. number of training examples) over several domains suggests a parameterized model relating performance to(More)
Spin-resolved conductivities in magnetic tunnel junctions are calculated using a semiempirical tight-binding model and non-equilibrium Green's functions. The performance of half-metallic electrodes is studied by comparing conventional Fe-MgO-Fe structures to Co<sub>2</sub>FeAl-MgO-Co<sub>2</sub>FeAl structures. The results show higher tunneling(More)
work carried out by him under my supervision and guidance. The research reports and the results presented in this thesis have not been submitted in parts or in full to any other University or Institute for the award of any other degree or diploma. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Dr. M. Jagadesh Kumar for his(More)
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