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Gastroretentive dosage forms have potential for use as controlled-release drug delivery systems. Multiple unit systems avoid the 'all-or-none' gastric emptying nature of single-unit systems. A controlled release system designed to increase its residence time in the stomach without contact with the mucosa was achieved through the preparation of floating(More)
Column-oriented data stores, such as BigTable and HBase, have successfully paved the way for managing large key-value datasets with random accesses. At the same time, the declining cost of flash SSDs have enabled their use in several applications including large databases. In this paper, we explore the feasibility of introducing flash SSDs for HBase. Since(More)
We propose a novel system to analyze gestural and non-verbal cues of participants in video conferencing. These cues have previously been referred to as " honest signals " and are usually associated with the underlying cognitive state of the participants. The presented system analyzes a set of audiovisual , non-linguistic features in real time from the audio(More)
A quality impairment assessment along with a quality score would enable Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) to make appropriate decisions to a) reject the fingerprint and recapture another sample, b) use other fingers or biometric features for recognition, c) use image enhancement techniques. Our approach provides a quality score in addition(More)
The magneto-dielectric spectroscopy of La0.95Ca0.05CoO3 covering the crossover of spin states reveals the strong coupling of its spin and dipolar degrees of freedom. The signature of the spin-state transition at 30 K clearly manifests in the magnetization data at a 1 Tesla optimal field. Our Co L3,2-edge X-ray absorption spectrum on the doped specimen is(More)
Structural, magnetic, specific heat, and dielectric studies were carried out on Y substituted (30 at. %) GdMnO(3) compound as a function of temperature. Anomalies occur at ~41 and 18 K, in the specific heat measurements and are ascribed to paramagnetic, to sinusoidal incommensurate antiferromagnetic transition (ICAFM) and ICAFM to commensurate(More)
Spin valves have revolutionized the field of magnetic recording and memory devices. Spin valves are generally realized in thin film heterostructures, where two ferromagnetic (FM) layers are separated by a nonmagnetic conducting layer. Here, we demonstrate spin-valve-like magnetoresistance at room temperature in a bulk ferrimagnetic material that exhibits a(More)
This work reports the preparation of magneto-electric GaFeO(3) by the sol-gel route and its characterization by x-ray diffraction, dc-magnetization, ac-susceptibility, low temperature and high field (57)Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy and dielectric constant measurements. The prepared samples are found to be single phase from x-ray diffraction studies. The(More)
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