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The Development of computer networks enhance the development of the information technology in different areas. Sometimes the digital data can be easily used to copied, modified and distributed in an illegal way. The copy right protection, intellectual protection and material right protection for authors, owners, buyers and distributors is necessary and the(More)
In a wireless network system the security is a main concern for a user. It is basically suffering from mainly two security attacks i) Virus Attack ii) Intruders. Intruder does not only mean it want to hack the private information over the network, it also includes using a node bandwidth and increasing the Delay of Service for other host over the network.(More)
The aim of present study was to evaluate role of adiponectin in ovarian steroidogenesis during delayed embryonic development of Cynopterus sphinx. This study showed significantly low circulating adiponectin level and a decline in expression of adiponectin receptor 1 (AdipoR1) in the ovary during the period of delayed embryonic development as compared with(More)
  • Anuradha, Nishant Tripathi, Rudresh Pratap Singh
  • 2011
— Image separation is defined as decomposing a real world image mixture into individual images objects. Independent component analysis is an active area of research and is being utilized for its capability in statistically independent separation images. Neural network algorithm ICA has been used to extract interference and mixed images and a very rapid(More)
  • A K Lahiru, Anuradha Wijenayaka, Wijenayaka, Anuradha, Christopher M Cheatum, Amanda J Haes +3 others
  • 2016
Theses and Dissertations 2015 Improved theoretical prediction of nanoparticle stability and the synthesis, characterization, and application of gold nanopartticles of various morphology in surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopyImproved theoretical prediction of nanoparticle stability and the synthesis, characterization, and application of gold(More)
The impact of low intensity diffuse ultrasound (LIDUS) stimulation on the cytoskeletal organization of chondrocytes seeded in 3D scaffolds was evaluated. Chondrocytes seeded on 3D chitosan matrices were exposed to LIDUS at 5.0 MHz (~15kPa, 51-secs, 4-applications/day) in order to study the organization of actin, tubulin and vimentin. The results showed that(More)
Image enhancement is a process of improving the quality of image by improving its feature. We proposed an image based preprocessing technique to enhance the quality of the underwater images. This paper present underwater image enhancement technique. The proposed technique l*a*b on clahe. This technique is eliminating by the most of researcher. To overcome(More)
A MANET is a type of adhoc network that can change locations and configure itself on the fly. Because MANETS are mobile, they use wireless connections to connect to various networks. MANET is useful when infrastructure not available, impractical, or expensive. Based on the routing information update mechanism routing protocols can be classified into three(More)
MANET is a network of wireless mobile nodes that exchanges information forming a self-governing and self-motivated network without any central management and fixed infrastructure. There is always a requirement of energy efficient and high speed protocols to find a path for forwarding data packets through relay nodes to the destination node. The selection of(More)