Anuradha S Raman

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BACKGROUND There are no national data on the magnitude and pattern of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in India. The Indian CKD Registry documents the demographics, etiological spectrum, practice patterns, variations and special characteristics. METHODS Data was collected for this cross-sectional study in a standardized format according to predetermined(More)
Although there are several accepted methods of surgical treatment for single-level cervical radiculopathy, the choice depend on the surgeon’s preference. The techniques may vary in peri-operative morbidity, short- and long-term outcome, but no study so far has analyzed their cost-effectiveness. This study might give some insight in balancing cost and(More)
Sir, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a derivative of paranitroanaline, is commonly used in several industries like oxidizable hair dye, dyeing furs, photochemical processes and tyre vulcanization. The Þ rst documentation of systemic PPD poisoning in 1924 described the case of a hairdresser who developed toxicity from handling the dye.[1] Many reports have(More)
Deposit glomerulopathies are characterized by fibrillary deposits of various sizes, mainly in the mesangial area. Collagenofibrotic glomerulopathy is a rare type of such fibrillary glomerulopathies characterized by deposits of 60-80 nm fibrils in the sub-endothelial and mesangial areas. It is also associated with increased levels of serum pro-collagen type(More)
Prospective study on clinical outcome of interspinous process distraction with X-STOP in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. To determine the safety and efficacy of X-STOP interspinous distractor. A total of 45 patients (24 males, 21 females) with lumbar spinal stenosis were treated with X-STOP system. They had preoperative and postoperative (3, 6 and 12(More)
Vitamin D dependent rickets Type II is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. The disorder is characterized by end organ hyporesponsiveness to vitamin D. Common presentation of the disorder is total body alopecia and onset of rickets during the second half of the first year of life. Patients may display progressive rachitic bone changes, hypocalcemia and(More)
BACKGROUND This study was carried out to analyze clinical presentation, laboratory parameters and histology in lupus nephritis in males in comparison with females. METHODS Patients diagnosed with lupus nephritis between January 2001 and December 2005 were divided into 2 groups: males and females, and were analyzed with regard to clinical presentation,(More)
The cardio-renal syndromes (CRS) recently were defined systematically as disorders of the heart or kidney whereby dysfunction of one organ leads to dysfunction of another. Five types of CRS are defined. The first four types describe acute or chronic cardio-renal or renocardiac syndromes. Type 5 CRS refers to secondary cardio-renal syndrome or cardio-renal(More)
Adherence to mucosal surfaces is necessary for bacterial colonization. The in-vitro adherence to type 25 Streptococcus pneumoniae to buccal epithelial cells was studied in 15 smokers, 15 nonsmokers, and 21 exsmokers. Background adherence in smokers and nonsmokers was similar, but smokers had a markedly increased pneumococcal adherence compared to nonsmokers(More)