Anuradha Chug

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Bad Smells are certain structures in the software which violates the design principles and ruin the software quality. In order to deals with the bad smells, often refactoring treatment is provided in the code which further improves the software quality. However, it's not possible to refactor each and every class of the software in maintenance phase due to(More)
It is infeasible to develop quality software without software testing. Software testing typically consumes 40-50% of development efforts, even more efforts for systems that require higher levels of reliability. It is a significant part of the software development process. If a software defect is found in latter stages of development process it costs more(More)
Today estimating the software size, cost and effort, effectively and accurately is probably the biggest challenge faced by software developers. It has major implications for the management of software development because both the over and under estimations have direct impact for causing damage to software companies. This process of changing the software(More)
—Software maintainability is defined as the ease with which modifications could be made in to the software once it is delivered to the customer. While evaluating the quality of the software product, software maintainability is one of the most important aspects and it is desirable that the software should be designed and coded in such a way that it becomes(More)
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