Anuraag Sharma

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Measurements of event-by-event fluctuations of the mean transverse momentum in Pb-Au collisions at 40, 80, and 158 A GeV/c are presented. A significant excess of mean p T fluctuations at mid-rapidity is observed over the expectation from statistically independent particle emission. The results are somewhat smaller than recent measurements at RHIC. A(More)
We explore the connection between a stochastic simulation model and an ordinary differential equations (ODEs) model of the dynamics of an excitable gene circuit that exhibits noise-induced oscillations. Near a bifurcation point in the ODE model, the stochastic simulation model yields behavior dramatically different from that predicted by the ODE model. We(More)
Hadronic spectra from interactions of Pb on Au at 158 AGeV/c have been measured by the CERES experiment at the CERN SPS. We report on preliminary results on transverse mass spectra of identiied pions and negative hadrons as well as spectra of the positive charge excess obtained by subtracting the negative particle distribution from that of positive tracks.(More)
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