Anuraag Sharma

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To evaluate dimensional accuracy and tensile strength of a type IV gypsum product, at different time intervals, dried in air or a microwave oven. Eighty specimens prepared from a cylindrical mould were used for measuring tensile strength (group A). Twenty specimens from a master die mould were used for determining dimensional accuracy (group B). In group A,(More)
We explore the connection between a stochastic simulation model and an ordinary differential equations (ODEs) model of the dynamics of an excitable gene circuit that exhibits noise-induced oscillations. Near a bifurcation point in the ODE model, the stochastic simulation model yields behavior dramatically different from that predicted by the ODE model. We(More)
Cloud computing these days is here. Running applications on machines in an internet accessible data center can bring plenty of advantages. Yet to run an application we always need a platform. For many applications this platform usually includes an operating system, some way to store data and more. Applications running in the cloud also need some foundation.(More)
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