Anuraag Agrawal

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This paper presents a method for accurately segmenting and classifying 3D range data into particular object classes. Object classification of input images is necessary for applications including robot navigation and automation, in particular with respect to path planning. To achieve robust object classification, we propose the idea of an object feature(More)
In this poster, we present a novel approach for manipulating remote objects in an immersive environment using dynamic magnifying lenses. These lenses are created seamlessly as the user focuses his gaze on an object, expanding the target object. The expanded object can then be manipulated as if the user was standing next to it. To determine its(More)
This work presents a novel approach to registering multiple range images on top of a Google Maps image. The fundamental concept behind the method is matching completely different types of input with each other using classification as a middleman. Range images and Google Maps images are separated into classes, and the range image is also projected into a 2D(More)
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