Anupama Senapati

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This paper presents a comparative study of beam forming techniques using least mean square (LMS) algorithm and its variants, like, normalized least mean square (NLMS) algorithm and sign least mean square (SLMS) algorithm. The accuracy of beam generation toward the direction of arrival (DoA) and null generation toward the interferer, depends on the value of(More)
Thinned phased array antenna is useful for Radar and satellite communications. Main drawback of phased array antenna is generation of side lobes and grating lobes when the beam is titled from broadside direction toward the end-fire direction. This paper reports the optimization of thinned phased array antenna using genetic algorithm (GA). By varying the(More)
Smart antenna is one of the key technologies in wireless mobile communication network. Smart antenna generates principal beam towards desired user and null toward undesired interferer. In addition to adaptive beam generation, one main task of this system is to generate beam with lower side lobe level (SLL). This paper describes the beam generation using(More)
In this paper sample matrix inversion (SMI) algorithm is used to generate beam for a smart antenna. The capability of adaptive beam generation by SMI algorithm is investigated for linear and planar arrays. The accuracies of main beam toward user and null toward interferer, beam width and side lobe level with respect to the variation of block length are(More)
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