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A mobile ad-hoc network(MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without any fixed infrastructure. The topology of MANETs changes dynamically causing frequent node failures and network partitions. Sharing of information in such networks is a challenging task. MANETs and peer-to-peer networks share several common(More)
Virtualization has lead to great energy efficiency in data center networks through consolidation of computing and other resources. Despite this, there is still room for innovation when considering the off-peak hours and the consolidation required to power down some of the physical machines. Migration of Virtual Machines (VMs) without consideration of(More)
Backing up data is a necessary requirement typically enforced by government too for its redundancy and availability. Disks have already emerged as one of the front runners for fast and efficient backup, given the way storage cost has reduced with the advent of high capacity SATA drives. rsync has established itself as a reliable backup tool in small and(More)
Elasticity in distributed SDN Controllers [1], [2], [3] improves fault tolerance, power efficiency, cost efficiency and scalability. We find that the Elasticon [1] algorithm has high time complexity since it balances the load equally on all the controllers for every event. In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm for elastic controllers using Chord(More)