Anupama Kaushik

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Software cost estimation predicts the amount of effort and development time required to build a software system. It is one of the most critical tasks and it helps the software industries to effectively manage their software development process. There are a number of cost estimation models. The most widely used model is Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO). In(More)
Feature selection forms an important aspect of machine learning and character recognition. It is a process of selecting the most important features (attributes) from the dataset. Accurate feature selection results in significant reduction in the number of irrelevant (constant, redundant) attributes thereby, reducing the processing time and increasing the(More)
Software cost estimation is one of the most challenging tasks in software engineering. Over the past years the estimators have used parametric cost estimation models to establish software cost, however the challenges to accurate cost estimation keep evolving with the advancing technology. A detailed review of various cost estimation methods developed so far(More)
The current generation of IP, version 4 (IPv4), has been in use for more than 20 years since its inception in 1980 and has supported the Internet's rapid growth during that time. IPv4 has proven to be robust, easily implemented and interoperable. This is a tribute to its initial design. However, the current Internet has grown much bigger than was(More)
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