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A Web crawler is a module of a search engine that fetches data from various servers. Web crawlers are an essential component to search engines; running a web crawler is a challenging task. It is a time-taking process to gather data from various sources around the world. Such a single process faces limitations on the processing power of a single machine and(More)
In three experiments, young and older adults were compared on both implicit and explicit memory tasks. The size of repetition priming effects in word completion and in perceptual identification tasks did not differ reliably across ages. However, age-related decrements in performance were obtained in free recall, cued recall, and recognition. These results,(More)
Young (mean age = 23.41 years) and older (mean age = 69.41 years) adults studied a list of 80 words. They were tested immediately and 7 days later for both yes/no recognition and for ability to complete fragments such as E D L M, with words, some of which had been studied previously. The fragment completion task was not described as a memory test and(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to investigate the role of different factors associated with exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) in the workplace and home in the urban and rural areas of India. DESIGN Secondary analysis of the data from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey conducted in 2009-2010. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Data were analysed from 32 738 rural and(More)
In this paper we study the MOR cryptosystem with finite Chevalley groups. There are four infinite families of finite classical Chevalley groups. These are: special linear groups SL(d, q), orthogonal groups O(d, q) and symplectic groups Sp(d, q). The family O(d, q) splits to two different families of Chevalley groups depending on the parity of d. The MOR(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco use in India is characterized by a high prevalence of smoking and smokeless tobacco use, with dual use also contributing a noticeable proportion. In the context of such a high burden of tobacco use, this study examines the regional variations, and socioeconomic, demographic and other correlates of smoking, smokeless tobacco and dual use(More)
BACKGROUND Formation of inclusion bodies poses a major hurdle in recovery of bioactive recombinant protein from Escherichia coli. Urea and guanidine hydrochloride have routinely been used to solubilize inclusion body proteins, but many times result in poor recovery of bioactive protein. High pH buffers, detergents and organic solvents like n-propanol have(More)
Transition from traditional power grid into a smart grid involves collecting and processing a large amount of data from generation, transmission to consumer level. Data collected at each level differs considerably in terms of the parameters under observation and frequency of collection, satisfying the 5 Vs (volume, velocity, variety, value and veracity)(More)
The JovianDATA MDX engine is a data processing engine , designed specifically for managing multidimensional datasets spanning several terabytes. Implementing a teras-cale, native multidimensional database engine has required us to invent new ways of loading the data, partitioning the data in multi-dimensional space and an MDX (MultiDimensional eXpressions)(More)