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Passiflora: a review update.
Various virgin areas of research on the species of this genus have been highlighted with a view to explore, isolate and identify the medicinally important phyto-constituents which could be utilized to alleviate various diseases affecting the mankind. Expand
Different Rho GTPase–dependent signaling pathways initiate sequential steps in the consolidation of long-term potentiation
LTP induction initiates two synaptic signaling cascades: one (RhoA-ROCK-cofilin) leads to actin polymerization, whereas the other (Rac-PAK) stabilizes the newly formed filaments. Expand
The Genus Artemisia: A Comprehensive Review
Various species of Artemisia seems to hold great potential for in-depth investigation for various biological activities, especially their effects on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Expand
Weathering of gneissic rocks in the upper reaches of Cauvery river, south India: implications to neotectonics of the region
In the upper reaches of the Cauvery catchment area in southern India, the Archean Peninsular Gneisses exhibit a greater degree of weathering in the field relative to the massive charnockites andExpand
Mid–late Holocene monsoonal variations from mainland Gujarat, India: A multi-proxy study for evaluating climate culture relationship
A multi-proxy study involving palynology, phytoliths, sedimentology, clay mineralogy, carbon isotopes and magnetic mineralogy was carried out on Wadhwana Lake sediments from sub-humid zone ofExpand
Standardization of the indian crude drug kalmegh by high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of andrographolide
The popular hepatoprotective Indian herbal drug Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata) can be standardized by high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of its major active constituent,Expand
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Mahi River sediments in tectonically active western India: Implications for Deccan large igneous province source, weathering and mobility of elements in a semi-arid
Abstract Large igneous provinces (LIPs) hosting mafic rocks over million km 2 are likely to influence global sediment production and distribution and help in resolving discrepancies in upperExpand
Quaternary geology, tectonics and distribution of palaeo- and present fluvio/glacio lacustrine deposits in Ladakh, NW Indian Himalaya—a study based on field observations
Abstract The Ladakh region of the northwestern Indian Himalaya is rich in Quaternary deposits but it has not received much attention. Previous Quaternary research in the region has focused on theExpand
Estimation of phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin by high performance liquid chromatography in Phyllanthus amarus
A reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic procedure for standardizing a popular hepatoprotective Indian herb “Bhumyamlaki” (Phyllanthus amarus) on the basis of two of its bioactiveExpand
Environmental geochemistry and quality assessment of surface and subsurface water of Mahi River basin, western India
The hydrogeochemical study of surface and subsurface water of Mahi River basin was undertaken to assess the major ion chemistry, solute acquisition processes and water quality in relation to domesticExpand