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Stream processing is a data processing paradigm in which long sequences of homogeneous data records are passed through one or more computational kernels to produce sequences of processed output data. Applications that fit this model include polygon rendering (computer graphics), matrix multiplication (scientific computing), 2D convolution (media(More)
Shortest path algorithms play a vital role in real world applications. In this paper a cache friendly implementation for Bellman Ford algorithm to solve single source shortest path and all pair shortest path algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm is compared with sequential algorithm in terms of execution time, cache hit, ALUPacking and ALUBusy. This(More)
In this paper, we have proposed an approach to implement Ant colony optimization algorithm especially Max-Min Ant System for solving Travelling Salesman problem on GPU. GPUs are specially designed microprocessor for graphical operation and can be used for general purpose operations. ACO is a nature based inspired algorithm based on heuristics to find the(More)
In this paper, we are going to focus on speed up of the Word Sense Disambiguation procedure by filtering the relevant senses of an ambiguous word through Part-of-Speech Tagging. First, this proposed approach performs the Part-of-Speech Tagging operation before the disambiguation procedure using Bigram approximation. As a result, the exact Part-of-Speech of(More)
Shortest path algorithms finds applications in large real world domains. All pair shortest path (APSP) and single source shortest path (SSSP) both have their special applications domains. All though every SSSP can be applied for all vertices to calculate APSP. But APSP cant. In this paper heterogeneous implementation of Floyd warshalls algorithm and(More)
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