Anupam Madhukar

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Materials and devices with microstructures on the nanometer scale are revolutionizing technology, but until recently simulation at this scale has been problematic. Developments in parallel computing are now allowing atomistic simulation using multiresolution algorithms, such as fast multipole methods. With these algorithms, researchers may soon be able to(More)
Hydroxylamine-seeding of colloidal gold particles has been used to fabricate gold nanostructures on a SiO2 substrate. Gold nanoparticles (15 nm diameter) were randomly deposited on a SiO2 surface that had been modified with aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APTS). The nanoparticles were then manipulated using a scanning force microscope (SFM) tip to produce 1-D(More)
Quantitative information on the dynamics of multiple molecular processes in individual live cells under controlled stress is central to the understanding of the cell behavior of interest and the establishment of reliable models. Here, the dynamics of the apoptosis regulator intracellular Ca(2+), apoptosis effector caspase-3/7, and morphological changes, as(More)
Parallel molecular dynamics simulations are performed to determine atomic-level stresses in Si͑111͒͞ Si 3 N 4 ͑0001͒ and Si͑111͒͞a-Si 3 N 4 nanopixels. Compared to the crystalline case, the stresses in amorphous Si 3 N 4 are highly inhomogeneous in the plane of the interface. In silicon below the interface, for a 25 nm square mesa stress domains with(More)
Rigid nanoscale 2D structures of up to four individual gold nanoparticles were formed by using bifunctional organic molecules (dithiols) in combination with scanning force microscopy manipulation. These structures can be either precisely translated by mechanical pushing across the surface or rotated about a specific axis. Experimental results are presented(More)
Ten million atom multiresolution molecular-dynamics simulations are performed on parallel computers to determine atomic-level stress distributions in a 54 nm nanopixel on a 0.1 ␮m silicon substrate. Effects of surfaces, edges, and lattice mismatch at the Si͑111͒/Si 3 N 4 ͑0001͒ interface on the stress distributions are investigated. Stresses are found to be(More)