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We build an image analysis toolbox for high-throughput Drosophila embryo RNAi screens. The goal is to tag the embryo as normal, developmentally delayed or abnormal based on the ventral furrow formation. We break the problem into two parts: in the first, we detect the developmental stage based on the progress of the ven-tral furrow formation, and in the(More)
Ventral furrow formation is the first morphogenetic movement to occur during Drosophila gastrulation causing the internalization of mesodermal precursors. A previous proteomic screen for ventral-specific proteome changes identified a set of about forty "difference-proteins" that spanned many cellular functions. To understand the connections between these(More)
A new nonrecurrent associative memory model is proposed. This model is composed of a nonlinear transformation in the spectral domain followed by the association. The Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse is employed to obtain the least squares optimal solution. Computer simulations are done to evaluate the performance of the model. The simulations use one-dimensional(More)
  • Satyajit Rai, Leena Chandran Wadia, +6 authors Anupam Goyal
  • 2003
Multihop ad-hoc wireless networks offer great challenges for protocol designers. Stations in such networks are constrained by factors like low power, limited bandwidth, link errors, and collisions. Changes are needed at various levels of the protocol stack, most importantly at the medium access layer (MAC). The medium access mechanism in multihop wireless(More)
Acknowledgment I express my sincere gratitude toward my guide Prof. Sridhar Iyer for his constant help, encouragement and inspiration throughout the project work. Without his invaluable guidance, this work would never have been a successful one. I would also like to thank the members of the Satyajit Rai and Abhishek Goliya for their valuable suggestions and(More)
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