Anupa Sabnis

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Goal of the robot vision is to exploit power of visual sensing to observe and perceive the environment and react it. Visual feedback is used to manipulate the robot among objects by estimating their depths. This paper presents a depth estimation technique based on the defocus blur associated with a camera setting. A sharp image of an object is obtained from(More)
Visual homing refers to navigating a robot from an unknown position towards a predefined home position using visual information. The approach in this paper is based on image correlation extracted from the panoramic images at current and home positions. Our contribution is in designing a Lyapunov function based control-law for homing to a predefined place(More)
It is important to gather knowledge of orientation of the robot at any pose in many mobile robotic tasks. A visual compass is a technique that matches images to find the orientation of a robot. These images are collected at the reference and current pose of the robot. A robust visual compass technique is proposed to determine the orientation of the robot at(More)
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