Anup Kumar Panda

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Navigation of mobile robots remains one of the most challenging functions to carry out. Potential Field Method (PFM) is rapidly gaining popularity in navigation and obstacle avoidance applications for mobile robots because of its elegance. Here a modified potential field method for robots navigation has been described. The developed potential field function(More)
Intelligent path planning of multiple mobile robots has been addressed in this paper. Cooperative behaviour can be achieved using several mobile robots, which require online inter-communication among themselves. In the present investigation rule-based and rule-based-neuro-fuzzy techniques are analyzed formultiplemobile robots navigation in an unknown or(More)
Control strategies for extracting the three-phase reference currents for shunt active power filters are compared, evaluating their performance under different source conditions with PI and Fuzzy Controllers in MATLAB/Simulink environment When the supply voltages are balanced and sinusoidal, the two control strategies are converge to the same compensation(More)
Selection of proper reference compensation current extraction scheme plays the most crucial role in the performance of an active power filter (APF). This paper mainly describes three different control schemes used in APFs namely, Conventional instantaneous active and reactive power (p–q), Modified p–q, and Instantaneous active and reactive current component(More)
Nowadays the researchers want to develop their model in real-time environment. Simulation tools have been widely used for the design and improvement of electrical systems since the mid twentieth century. The evolution of simulation tools has progressed in step with the evolution of computing technologies. In recent years, computing technologies have(More)
This paper proposes a zero-voltage-transition (ZVT) pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) synchronous buck converter, which is designed to operate at low voltage and high efficiency typically required for portable systems. A new passive auxiliary circuit that allows the main switch to operate with zero-voltage switching has been incorporated in the conventional PWM(More)
In this research study, direct torque and flux control of induction motor drive (IMD) using artificial intelligence based speed control loop (SCL) to minimize the ripple contents of the stator current, flux and electromagnetic torque, and also improving the speed response under transient and steady state conditions. It is quite difficult to optimize the(More)