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Cerebellar influences on the various substructures in the Papez Circuit are indicated by the following. 1. Anatomical studies indicate that the major midbrain areas to which this circuit projects are : 1) ventral tegmental area; 2) interpeduncular area; and 3) periaqueductal gray areas; and these same areas project back to the limbic system. There are(More)
A number of aromatic, cycloalkyl, and heterocyclic carbamic acid esters, thiocarbamic acid esters, and carboxylic acid esters of di- and trial-kylaminoalkyl and heterocyclic amino alcohols have been synthesized and tested for their pharmacologic and receptor binding characteristics at the nicotine receptor. Receptor binding was measured in rat brain(More)
Electroamygdalagrams and electrohippocampalgrams of the cat and monkey were studied before, during, and after electrically induced afterdischarges. Cerebellar stimulation, particularly of midline cortex, shortened or terminated afterdischarges. Prestimulation of the vermis suppressed afterdischarges for as long as 5 min. Excitation of nucleus fastigii(More)
The matured fruits of Diospyros peregrina are successfully employed by the traditional healers and local people of costal West Bengal, India for the treatment of diabetes. Present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the role of hydroalcoholic extract of D. peregrina (HDP) on type 2 diabetes as well as the augmented oxidative stresses associated with(More)
The memory device is very important as they store various values either temporary or permanently. Optical flip-flop memories form a fundamental building block for all-optical packet switches in the next generation communication networks. All-optical flip-flop memory with the help of Terahertz Optical Asymmetric Demultiplexer (TOAD) is proposed and(More)