Anup K. Mishra

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In this paper, we present an interactive physical therapy system (IPTS) for remote quantitative assessment of clients in the home. The system consists of two different interactive interfaces connected through a network, for a real-time low latency video conference using audio, video, skeletal, and depth data streams from a Microsoft Kinect. To test the(More)
We compared the performance of the Kinect skeletal data with the Kinect depth data in capturing different gait parameters during the Timed-up and Go Test (TUG) and Figure of 8 Walk Test (F8W). The gait parameters considered were stride length, stride time, and walking speed for the TUG, and number of steps and completion time for the F8W. A marker-based(More)
With gigabit networking becoming economically feasible and widely installed at homes, there are new opportunities to revisit in-home, personalized telehealth services. In this paper, we describe a novel telehealth eldercare service that we developed viz., “PhysicalTherapy-as-a-Service” (PTaaS) that connects a remote physical therapist at a clinic to a(More)
There is an increasing demand to develop innovations in eldercare technologies that can be delivered as 'Apps' at a cloud-scale to facilitate proactive monitoring and targeted care coordination. This article presents the design for an 'ElderCare-as-a-SmartService' (ECaaS) system that integrates Apps for in-home health monitoring, and remote physical therapy(More)
The deployment of Gigabit Apps owing to their high-bandwidth and low-latency nature pushes the limits of today's end-to-end networking, and reveals new bottlenecks at multiple layers of networking, virtualization, application and user experience. In this paper, we use an exemplar smart health related Gigabit App use case viz., PhysicalTherapy-as-a-Service(More)
Machine learning and pattern recognition are the most popular artificial intelligence techniques to model systems, those can learn from data. These techniques efficiently help in Classification, Regression, Clustering and Anomaly detection etc. k-Nearest Neighbors, Parzen Windows and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are some of the widely used Machine Learning(More)
Erythroderma in children is an uncommon, yet striking entity with an incidence of 0.11%. Psoriatic erythroderma accounts for 1.4% of psoriasis cases in children. Follicular psoriasis is an underdiagnosed variant of psoriasis, with only about 15 cases reported till date, characterized by scaly follicular papules on the trunk and extremities. Although two(More)
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