Anup Bhattacharya

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Eta pairing on a supersingular elliptic curve over the binary field F21223 used to offer 128-bit security, and has been studied extensively for efficient implementations. In this paper, we report our GPUbased implementations of this algorithm on an NVIDIA Tesla C2050 platform. We propose efficient parallel implementation strategies for multiplication,(More)
Privacy and authenticity are two essential security attributes of secure Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications. Pseudonymous Public Key Infrastructure (PPKI), an extension of standard PKI, has been proposed to achieve these security attributes. In Pseudonymous PKI, a user needs certificates or pseudonyms periodically from the Certificate Authority (CA) to(More)
The k-means++ seeding algorithm is one of the most popular algorithms that is used for finding the initial k centers when using the k-means heuristic. The algorithm is a simple sampling procedure and can be described as follows: Pick the first center randomly from the given points. For i > 1, pick a point to be the i center with probability proportional to(More)
Space efficient algorithms play an important role in dealing with large amount of data. In such settings, one would like to analyze the large data using small amount of “working space”. One of the key steps in many algorithms for analyzing large data is to maintain a (or a small number) random sample from the data points. In this paper, we consider two(More)
Eta pairing on supersingular elliptic curves defined over fields of characteristics two and three is a popular and practical variant of pairing used in many cryptographic protocols. In this paper, we study SIMD-based implementations of eta pairing over these fields. Our implementations use standard SIMD-based vectorization techniques which we call(More)
The repair of human brain after stroke appears unrealistic as there is loss of many different neurons and glial cells. The functional improvement after stroke or neurorestorative process includes neurogenesis, angiogenesis and synaptic plasticity. Stem cell therapy has the potential in inducing all of the above neurorestorative processes--thus facilitating(More)
The cytological interest of leaf-hoppers centres around the fact that some of the existing members are relict groups while others have acquired peculiar morphology, a combination of primitive and recent characters, thus establishing themselves as distinct major groups at different stages of evolution (Evans, 1958, 1963). In its course, evolution must have(More)