Anup Arunrao Deshpande

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Inherited 5-oxoprolinase (OPLAH) deficiency is a rare inborn condition characterised by 5-oxoprolinuria. To date, three OPLAH mutations have been described: p.H870Pfs in a homozygous state, which results in a truncated protein, was reported in two siblings, and two heterozygous missense changes, p.S323R and p.V1089I, were independently identified in two(More)
Cysteine is an essential requirement in living organisms. However, due to its reactive thiol side chain, elevated levels of intracellular cysteine can be toxic and therefore need to be rapidly eliminated from the cellular milieu. In mammals and many other organisms, excess cysteine is believed to be primarily eliminated by the cysteine dioxygenase dependent(More)
Cystine transporters are a clinically important class of transporters found in bacteria, pathogenic fungi and mammalian cells. Despite their significance, very little is known about the mechanism of substrate recognition and transport. We have carried out studies on the plasma membrane Candida glabrata cystine transporter, CgCYN1 a member of the amino(More)
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