Anup Amatya

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and drugs of abuse affect common neural systems underlying procedural memory, including the striatum. The authors compared performance of 48 HIV seropositive (HIV+) and 48 HIV seronegative (HIV-) participants with history of cocaine and/or heroin dependence across multiple Trial Blocks of three procedural learning (PL)(More)
A new statistical methodology is developed for the analysis of spontaneous adverse event (AE) reports from post-marketing drug surveillance data. The method involves both empirical Bayes (EB) and fully Bayes estimation of rate multipliers for each drug within a class of drugs, for a particular AE, based on a mixed-effects Poisson regression model. Both(More)
BACKGROUND Molluscum contagiosum is one of the commonest cutaneous viral infections in children. All treatment modalities are associated with substantial pain, tissue destruction, and frequent recurrence. OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy and side effects of KOH 5% solution with tretinoin 0.05% cream for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum in(More)
INTRODUCTION Globesity (the global epidemic of obesity), like undernutrition at the opposite end of the malnutrition spectrum, affects virtually all age and socioeconomic groups in developed and developing countries. Genetics, comorbid diseases and lifestyle factors have been associated with obesity and weight gain for college students. Little is known(More)
We consider the problem of sample size determination for count data. Such data arise naturally in the context of multicenter (or cluster) randomized clinical trials, where patients are nested within research centers. We consider cluster-specific and population-averaged estimators (maximum likelihood based on generalized mixed-effect regression and(More)
Meta-analysis has been used extensively for evaluation of efficacy and safety of medical interventions. Its advantages and utilities are well known. However, recent studies have raised questions about the accuracy of the commonly used moment-based meta-analytic methods in general and for rare binary outcomes in particular. The issue is further complicated(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to develop and validate a multi-feature nuclear score based on image analysis of direct DNA staining, and to test its association with field effects and subsequent detection of prostate cancer (PCa) in benign biopsies. METHODS Tissue sections from 39 prostatectomies were Feulgen-stained and digitally scanned (400×), providing(More)
This paper investigates estimating and testing treatment effects in randomized control trials where imperfect diagnostic device is used to assign subjects to treatment and control group(s). The paper focuses on pre-post design and proposes two new methods for estimating and testing treatment effects. Furthermore, methods for computing sample sizes for such(More)