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An appreciation of comparative microbial survival is most easily done while evaluating their adaptive strategies during stress. In the present experiment, antioxidative and whole cell proteome variations based on spectrophotometric analysis and SDS-PAGE and 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis have been analysed among salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive Frankia(More)
Cloud computing model is for enabling convenient as well as on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be quickly provisioned and released with minimum management efforts. In today’s world widely use of internet. In this internet world all the things are online. So we create software online compiler. This project(More)
In cyanobacterium Anabaena 7120, iron deficiency leads to oxidative stress with unavoidable consequences. Nitric oxide reduces pigment damage and supported the growth of Anabaena 7120 in iron-deficient conditions. Elevation in nitric oxide accumulation and reduced superoxide radical production justified the role of nitric oxide in alleviating oxidative(More)
Iron deficiency ends up into several unavoidable consequences including damaging oxidative stress in cyanobacteria. NtcA is a global nitrogen regulator controls wide range of metabolisms in addition to regulation of nitrogen metabolism. In present communication, NtcA based regulation of iron homeostasis, ROS production and cellular phenotype under iron(More)
To decipher an evolutionary lineage between two different but important bacterial groups, i.e., Pseudomonas strain (γ-Proteobacteria) and Frankia strain (actinobacteria) growing in the same ecological niche in and around of an actinorhizal plant Hippophae salicifolia D. Don, genetic diversity and comparative molecular phylogeny have been investigated using(More)
Siderophore production in Anabaena oryzae was investigated under the influence of various levels of iron and other abiotic factors such as pH, temperature, light and different nitrogen sources. Optimization of culture conditions under controlled mechanisms of these abiotic factors lead to the siderophore production in significant amount. Under iron-starved(More)
16S rRNA and nifD-nifK sequences were used to study the molecular phylogeny and evolutionary genetics of Frankia strains isolated from Hippöphae salicifolia D. Don growing at different altitudes (ecologically classified as riverside and hillside isolates) of the Eastern Himalayan region of North Sikkim, India. Genetic information for the small subunit rRNA(More)
To investigate the physiology and taxonomic composition of the key players of nitrification and denitrification processes in paddy fields, culture dependent and independent studies have been carried out. A total of 28 bacterial strains have been screened in which six were capable of reducing nitrate and nitrite as well as having significant ammonium removal(More)
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