Anum Tanveer

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This paper explores the peristaltic motion of couple stress fluid in an inclined asymmetric channel relevant to blood arteries. Mathematical modeling is developed under the Hall and ion-slip aspects. Further to explore heat and mass transfer mechanism thermal deposition, Joule heating, and chemical reaction effects are also outlined. In addition channel(More)
Mixed convection peristaltic flow of Jeffrey nanofluid in a channel with compliant walls is addressed here. The present investigation includes the viscous dissipation, thermal radiation and Joule heating. Whole analysis is performed for velocity, thermal and concentration slip conditions. Related problems through long wavelength and low Reynolds number are(More)
The purpose of present work is to investigate the magnetohydrodynamic aspect in peristalsis of Jeffery nanofluid in curved channel. Heat transfer analysis comprised thermal radiation while the mass transfer has been discussed in terms of thermophoresis, Brownian motion and chemical reaction. With reference to blood flow in circular compliant arteries the(More)
Main theme of present investigation is to model and analyze the peristaltic activity of Carraeu-Yasuda nanofluid saturating porous space in a curved channel. Unlike the traditional approach, the porous medium effects are characterized by employing modified Darcy's law for Carreau-Yasuda fluid. To our knowledge this is first attempt in this direction for(More)
The aim of present investigation is to model and analyze the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) peristaltic transport of Prandtl fluid in a channel with flexible walls. The whole system consisting of fluid and channel are in a rotating frame of reference with uniform angular velocity. Viscous dissipation in thermal equation is not ignored. The channel boundaries(More)
The purpose of present article is to examine the peristaltic flow of Jeffrey fluid in a curved channel. An electrically conducting fluid in the presence of radial applied magnetic field is considered. Analysis of heat and mass transfer is carried out. More generalized realistic constraints namely the convective conditions are utilized. Soret and Dufour(More)
This article addresses the effects of homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions in peristaltic transport of Carreau fluid in a channel with wall properties. Mathematical modelling and analysis have been carried out in the presence of Hall current. The channel walls satisfy the more realistic convective conditions. The governing partial differential equations(More)
The novel features of nanofluids made them potentially significant in heat transfer mechanism occurring in medical and industrial processes like microelectronics, pharmaceutical processes, hybrid engines, thermal management of vehicles, refrigerator, chiller, gas temperature reduction and so forth. These processes bear tendency to enhance thermal(More)
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