Anum L. Enlil Corral-Ruiz

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In this paper, under the assumption that the unencumbered service time is exponentially distributed, a novel algebraic set of general equations that examines the relationships between cell dwell time (CDT) and residual cell dwell time as well as between cell dwell time and channel holding time (CHT) are derived. This work includes relevant new analytical(More)
In this paper, probability distributions of new and handoff call channel holding times in mobile cellular networks are derived under the assumption that cell dwell time has generalized Coxian distribution. It is shown that when cell dwell time has a generalized Coxian distribution, the resulting residual cell dwell time has generalized Coxian distribution(More)
Channel holding time (CHT) is of paramount importance for the analysis and performance evaluation of mobile cellular networks. This time variable allows one to derive other key system parameters such as channel occupancy time, new call blocking probability, and handoff call dropping probability. CHT depends on cellular shape, cell size, user’s mobility(More)
Channel holding time is fundamental for the performance analysis/evaluation of mobile cellular networks. Channel holding time depends on both call holding time and cell dwell time. In the literature, many assumptions on cell dwell time distribution have been done and different channel holding time characteristics have been obtained. However, to our(More)
In this paper, the Coxian distribution model to characterize users' mobility (through cell dwell time) is proposed and its application for the teletraffic analysis of mobile cellular networks is presented. To the best authors' knowledge, Coxian distribution has not been previously considered in the literature to characterize users' mobility in cellular(More)
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