Anum Javeed Zargar

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In this paper, we have CBIR, which is known as Content based Image Retrieval is the application of computer vision technique to the image retrieval problem from the large databases. In this paper de-duplication of electricity bills is done through CBIR. The technique for comparing the images is Block truncation coding; it is a lossy compression technique(More)
Watermarking belongs to hide particular information, so that you can easily detect any tamper detection .It is used for confidenality, authentication and copy right protection. In this paper watermarking is done with the help of least significant bit technique (LSB).As LSB technique is used as it has less effect on image. This new algorithm is using LSB of(More)
Digital watermarking plays an important role for securing data, providing authentication, confidentiality and even protects digital images from illegal distortion. In this paper, we are particular using discrete wavelet transform which is more prevalent than others. The watermark logo is inserted after compressing the image with the help of JPEG compression(More)
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