Anulark Techanitisawad

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—The power generation expansion planning (PGEP) problem is a large-scale mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problem cited as one of the most complex optimization problems. In this paper, an application of a new efficient methodology for solving the power generation expansion planning problem is presented. A comprehensive planning production(More)
s Product perishability is a major concern of certain industrial sectors, especially the agro-food industry. This paper investigates the effect of product perishability and retailers' stockout policy on system total cost, net profit, service level, and average inventory level in a two-echelon inventory–distribution system, and develops an approximate(More)
An integrated heuristic approach based on genetic algorithms (GAs) is proposed for solving the container selection and loading problems. The GA for container selection solves a two-dimensional knapsack problem, determining a set of containers to minimize the transportation or shipment cost. The GA for container loading solves for the weighted coefficients(More)
s-This paper further extends the existing cost model for a fixed-life perishable product in a two-echelon inventory problem into the net profit model. The extended model is subsequently evaluated by comparing its results with those obtained from OptQuest, a commercial simulation-optimization package. Within a limited but reasonable time, the comparative(More)
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