Anuja Kumar Acharya

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Identifying meaningful patterns known as motif from voluminous amount of biological data is a big challenge. Three versions of motif search problem have been identified in the literature. One of this is planted (l,d) motif problem. Numerous algorithms have been proposed in the literature that addresses that challenge. Many of these algorithm fall under the(More)
Chaotic based image permutation and DNA encoding methods are used extensively in the area of the image encryption. This paper presents a hybrid approach of chaos and DNA encoding methods for image encryption. Chaos sequence is used for permutation and DNA Encoding is used for the diffusion process. Index based chaotic sequence is generated using 1D logistic(More)
In this paper we proposed a new statistical multivariate method for tracking an object in a video. This method is based on the Hottelling T<sup>2</sup> test which is designed to provide a global significance test for the difference between two region or two group with simultaneously measured multiple dependent or independent variables. An object to be(More)
Iris Recognition is one of the most powerful biometrically based technologies for human identification and verification that utilizes the iris patterns which exhibits uniqueness for every individual. In this manuscript, a new algorithm is proposed for iris recognition on distant images. The novelty of this algorithm includes recognition through iris(More)
There have been many techniques for hiding messages in images in such a manner that the alterations made to the image are perceptually indiscernible. The Least-significant bit (LSB)-based approach is the most popular type of steganographic algorithm. However, we find that in most existing approaches the choice of embedding positions within the cover image(More)
In this paper, we present a simple and elegant tracking algorithm that incrementally updates the covariance matrix descriptor using an update mechanism based on Principle Component Analysis on Euclidean subspace. Here, the target window is represented as the covariance matrix descriptors, computed using the features extracted from that window. The(More)
Information in the form of digital images circulated over the networks is gaining popularity and great concern due to its enormous applications and necessities. in many of the applications, the images contain confidential information. the best method to protect images from unauthorized access is image encryption. Recent researches of image encryption(More)
Now a days, in every communication channel there is a necessity of transmission of messages securely from sender to the authentic receiver. In recent years, for different information transfer systems, a number of data encryption techniques has been evolved. Several encryption approaches based on permutation have been proposed by various researchers. In this(More)
Today web is going towards the multimedia data in which image covers the highest percentage of it. But with the ever-increasing growth of multimedia applications, security is an important aspect in communication and storage of images, and encryption is the way to ensure security. Image encryption techniques try to convert original image to another image(More)