Anuja Bedi

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The exeE gene of Aeromonas hydrophila has been shown to be required for the secretion of most if not all of the extracellular proteins produced by this bacterium. In addition, an exeE::Tn5-751 insertion mutant of A. hydrophila was found to be deficient in the amounts of a number of its major outer membrane proteins (B. Jiang and S. P. Howard, J. Bacteriol.(More)
NDN is a maternally imprinted gene consistently expressed in normal ovarian epithelium, is dramatically downregulated in the majority of ovarian cancers. Little or no NDN expression could be detected in 73% of 351 epithelial ovarian cancers. NDN was also downregulated in 10 ovarian cancer cell lines with total loss in 6 of 10. Re-expression of NDN decreased(More)
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