Anuj Y. Modi

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In this paper, a new design for an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) antenna is proposed. The frequency domain analysis of the projected antenna has been probed to show its capability as an operative element to be used for UWB purposes. The return loss (S<sub>11</sub>) is less than-10 dB along the operational bandwidth of 3 GHz to 20 GHz (147% fractional bandwidth). In(More)
In this paper, optimization of optimum gain pyramidal horn Antenna for L-band has been done using Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS). The ANFIS is trained in such a way that for any desired gain and frequency (in the L-band), it can generate design parameters of pyramidal horn antenna with a great amount of accuracy. The errors in the desired(More)
In this paper, a novel design for a directive ultra wide band antenna has been proposed. It has been aptly named `Vertical Quarter Elliptical (VQE) Sheet Antenna' because of its shape. Its simulated return loss, VSWR, input impedance and radiation pattern are discussed. This antenna has a voltage standing wave ratio that is less than 2 (VSWR&lt;; 2) and the(More)
The paper presents UWB monopole antenna having Slotted orthogonal vertical semi elliptical sheets with finite ground plane. The simulated return loss, VSWR, input impedance and radiation pattern are discussed in this paper. The results show that the voltage standing wave ratio is less than 2 (VSWR< 2) and return loss (SS1111) is less than -10 dB along the(More)
In this paper, a parametric study of unexplored design parameters of UWB vertical slotted Triangular (VST) antenna is carried out. The effective design parameters and the dimensional variation effects on the proposed antenna are presented in this paper. Finally, it has been shown that through proper values of design parameters one can easily get notch in(More)
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