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INTRODUCTION Leprosy continues to be a global public health problem, but draws less attention because 'prevalence based elimination' has been misinterpreted as eradication. The ongoing transmission of M. leprae has renewed interest in complete elimination. The aim of our study is to review systematically the literature regarding the elimination of leprosy,(More)
INTRODUCTION The reported number of new leprosy patients has barely changed in recent years. Thus, additional approaches or modifications to the current standard of passive case detection are needed to interrupt leprosy transmission. Large-scale clinical trials with single dose rifampicin (SDR) given as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to contacts of newly(More)
Jackstone calculi are urinary tract stones that have a specific appearance resembling toy jacks. They are almost always composed of calcium oxalate dihydrate consist of a dense central core and radiating spicules. They are usually light brown with dark patches and are usually described to occur in the urinary bladder and rarely in the upper urinary tract.(More)
w w w . i j e c t . o r g InternatIonal Journal of electronIcs & communIcatIon technology 21 Abstract The paper presents performance analysis of modified SEPIC dc-dc converter with low input voltage and wide output voltage range. The operational analysis and the design is done for the 380W power output of the modified converter. The simulation results of(More)
The advancement of technology in satellite system has drastically improved the quality of images which we call high resolution images. Today we have many satellites which provide high resolution images such as QUICKBIRD, IKONOS,WORLD-VIEW etc. High resolution provides much greater detail of information such as buildings or trees etc. can be seen clearly.(More)
The emergences of more Earth observation satellites have increased the use of satellite imagery in applications like Land cover detection, environment monitoring etc. The information is generally extracted from satellite images by classification techniques. A common Problem associated with classification process is frequent occurrence of mixed pixel. Mixed(More)
Char, J. P. , Generation of Trees, Two-Trees and Storage of Master Forests, IEEE Transactions on Circuit Theory, Vol. CT-15, pp. 128-138, 1968. Hakimi, S. L. , On Trees of a Graph and their Generation, Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol. 272, No. 5, pp. 347-359, 1961. Kapoor, S. and H. Ramesh, Algorithms for Enumerating All Spanning Trees of Undirected(More)
This paper presents a review of the available technology, as well as general background research on standalone micro-hydro power plant or wind energy conversion system. In this paper efforts has been done to present a control structure which is dealing with both voltage and frequency regulation of an isolated induction generator. It evaluates different(More)