Anuj Ratna Bajracharya

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Intramedullary interlocking tibial nailing is usually performed using an image intensifier. But being expensive, it is not available in the most of the hospitals of resource-poor countries of the world. The purpose of this study is to analyze the results of interlocking nailing without the use of an image intensifier. This is the retrospective study of 55(More)
Shoulder dislocation is common problem in orthopaedics. Management of recurrent shoulder dislocation is painstaking with different surgical procedures having varying outcomes. Laterjet-Bristow procedure provides stability and good functional outcome in Rowe scale and long term patient satisfaction. This is an observational prospective study carried out at(More)
OBJECTIVE Dexmedetomidine, a highly selective α2-adrenergic receptor agonist with sedative and analgesic properties, is used as an anesthetic adjunct. We determined the effects of different dexmedetomidine doses on the median effective concentration (EC50) of propofol and bispectral index (BIS) values during anesthesia induction. PATIENTS AND METHODS This(More)
A common consensus has not yet been reached on surgical management of isthmic Spondylolisthesis especially regarding the optimal surgical procedure. This prospective study was carried to see the outcome of Posterolateral fusion with instrumentation without decompression. Eight consecutive patients, aged between 43 to 55 years, underwent primary surgery for(More)
The electronic triage system developed by our research group is a wireless sensor network, constructed by electronic triage tags composed of vital sign sensors and ZigBee modules. The system assumes a network of hundresds of patients, simultaneously transmitting data to a remote sink. We have investigated the performance of a simple data collection(More)
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