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Neurospora has proven to be a tractable model system for understanding the molecular bases of circadian rhythms in eukaryotes. At the core of the circadian oscillatory system is a negative feedback loop in which two transcription factors, WC-1 and WC-2, act together to drive expression of the frq gene. WC-2 enters the promoter region of frq coincident with(More)
Circadian output comprises the business end of circadian systems in terms of adaptive significance. Work on Neurospora pioneered the molecular analysis of circadian output mechanisms, and insights from this model system continue to illuminate the pathways through which clocks control metabolism and overt rhythms. In Neurospora, virtually every strain(More)
Biometric authentication techniques such as lips, face, and eyes are more reliable and efficient than conventional authentication techniques such as password authentication, token, cards, personal identification number, etc. In this research paper, the emphasis has been laid on the speaker identification based on lip features. In this study, we have(More)
Peptides from natural sources are good starting material to design bioactive agents with desired therapeutic property. IB peptide derived from the ICAM-1 has been studied extensively as an agent to disrupt the non-specific binding of lymphocyte to the endothelial cells. ICAM-1: IB molecular model reveals that IB peptide binds in an extended conformation to(More)
—Biometric authentication techniques are more consistent and efficient than conventional authentication techniques and can be used in monitoring, transaction authentication, information retrieval, access control, forensics, etc. In this paper, we have presented a detailed comparative analysis between Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Independent(More)
Cellulose was functionalized to incorporate triethylenetetramine group. This was in turn converted into the polymeric analogue of cobalt(III)triene complex. The polymeric complex reacts with peptides resulting in the cleavage of amino end amino acid, thus suggesting the applicability of the polymeric reagent as a solid phase reagent for N-terminal(More)
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