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BACKGROUND Developing methods for protecting organisms in metal-polluted environments is contingent upon our understanding of cellular detoxification mechanisms. In this regard, half-molecule ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters of the HMT-1 subfamily are required for cadmium (Cd) detoxification. HMTs have conserved structural architecture that(More)
BACKGROUND 9b is an accessory protein of the SARS-CoV. It is a small protein of 98 amino acids and its structure has been solved recently. 9b is known to localize in the extra-nuclear region and has been postulated to possess a nuclear export signal (NES), however the role of NES in 9b functioning is not well understood. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS/METHODOLOGY In(More)
Multi-patterns approximate string matching (MASM) problem is to find all the occurrences of set of patterns P 0 , P 1 , P 2 ...P r-1 , r≥1, in the given text T[0…n-1], allowing limited number of errors in the matches. This problem has many applications in computational biology viz. finding DNA subsequences after possible mutations, locating positions of a(More)
BACKGROUND The intrinsically disordered N-ter domain (NTD) of p53 encompasses approximately hundred amino acids that contain a transactivation domain (1-73) and a proline-rich domain (64-92) and is responsible for transactivation function and apoptosis. It also possesses an auto-inhibitory function as its removal results in remarkable reduction in(More)
Traffic congestion has become a menace to civilized society. It degrades air quality, jeopardizes safety and causes delay. Traffic congestion can be alleviated by providing an effective traffic control signal system. Closed-loop traffic control systems are an example of such a system. Closed-loop traffic control systems can be operated primarily in either(More)
Multifunctional metal chelators that can modulate the amyloid β (Aβ) peptide aggregation and its interaction with metal ions such as copper and zinc hold considerable promise as therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, specific rather than systemic metal chelation by these compounds is needed in order to limit any side effects. Reported(More)
In this Paper we have developed a model in which the revenue is generated from fishing and the growth of fish depends upon the plankton which in turn grows logistically. The conditions for the persistence of system around non zero equilibrium have been found out using average Liapnouv function after establishing existence and boundedness of the solution.(More)
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