Anuj K. Tiwari

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INTRODUCTION The reported number of new leprosy patients has barely changed in recent years. Thus, additional approaches or modifications to the current standard of passive case detection are needed to interrupt leprosy transmission. Large-scale clinical trials with single dose rifampicin (SDR) given as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to contacts of newly(More)
There exist many algorithms for producing the spanning trees of a graph with better time and space complexities. In this research study, we are presenting a study on number of spanning trees and a technique based on the basic cycle to find the number of spanning trees and also the structure of all the spanning trees of a labeled and undirected graph.
Jackstone calculi are urinary tract stones that have a specific appearance resembling toy jacks. They are almost always composed of calcium oxalate dihydrate consist of a dense central core and radiating spicules. They are usually light brown with dark patches and are usually described to occur in the urinary bladder and rarely in the upper urinary tract.(More)
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