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BACKGROUND Developing methods for protecting organisms in metal-polluted environments is contingent upon our understanding of cellular detoxification mechanisms. In this regard, half-molecule ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters of the HMT-1 subfamily are required for cadmium (Cd) detoxification. HMTs have conserved structural architecture that(More)
Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted the problems of diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). MTBI is a heterogeneous injury that may lead to the development of neurological and behavioral disorders. In the absence of specific diagnostic markers, mTBI is often unnoticed or misdiagnosed. In this study, mice were induced with(More)
PURPOSE To design low peak and integrated power simultaneous multislice excitation radiofrequency pulses with transmit field inhomogeneity compensation in high field MRI. THEORY AND METHODS The "interleaved greedy and local optimization" algorithm for small-tip-angle spokes pulses is extended to design multiband (MB) spokes pulses that simultaneously(More)
  • Deborah Barreau, Abe Crystal, Jane Greenberg, Anuj Sharma, Michael Conway, John Oberlin +1 other
  • 2007
The Memex Metadata for Student Portfolios (M 2) project is using mobile technology to augment student memory and improve student learning. We have constructed a student-targeted Context Awareness Framework (CAF) and we are developing a metadata scheme that integrates the CAF with a variety of mobile technologies. In particular, we are exploring the use of(More)
PURPOSE To design low peak power multiband refocusing radiofrequency pulses, with application to simultaneous multislice spin echo MRI. THEORY AND METHODS Multiband Shinnar-Le Roux β polynomials were designed using convex optimization. A Monte Carlo algorithm was used to determine patterns of β polynomial root flips that minimized the peak power of the(More)
BACKGROUND Neuroinvasion of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) and subsequent initiation of inflammation in the brain plays a crucial role in the outcome of VEEV infection in mice. Adhesion molecules expressed on microvascular endothelial cells in the brain have been implicated in the modulation of the blood brain barrier (BBB) and inflammation in(More)
  • Edward J Smaglik, Darcy M Bullock, Anuj Sharma, Sharma
  • 2014
Introduction The arrival type (AT) in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) (Transportation Research Board 2000) is a measure of effectiveness used to describe the quality of progression from one signalized intersection to the next along a coordinated corridor. The AT parameter is based upon the percentage of vehicles arriving during the green indication, when(More)
Computers are greatly influencing the lives of human beings and their usage is increasing at a tremendous rate. The ease with which we can exchange information between user and computer is of immense importance today because input devices such as keyboard and mouse have limitations vis-à-vis input through natural handwriting. We can use the online(More)