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With the advent of the World Wide Web and the emergence of e-commerce applications and social networks, organizations across the world generate a large amount of data daily. This data would be more useful to cooperating organizations if they were able to share their data. Two major obstacles to this process of data sharing are providing a common storage(More)
A wireless ad-hoc network is a temporary network set up by wireless nodes usually moving randomly and communicating without a network infrastructure. Due to security vulnerabilities of the routing protocols, however, wireless ad-hoc networks may be unprotected against attacks by the malicious nodes. In this study we investigated the effects of Black Hole(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network is analysed as cooperative engagement of mobile wireless nodes without the required intervention of any centralised access point. These networks form an instant network without fixed topology, each node acting as a host and router simultaneously. In this paper the execution evaluation of routing protocol DSDV and AOMDV in the context(More)
An abstract is a brief summary of a research article or in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper's purpose. Images can be encrypted in several ways, by using different techniques and different encryption methods. In this paper, I am using Huffman Coding method for image(More)
Classification is an important data mining technique with broad applications. Classification is a gradual practice for allocating a given piece of input into any of the known category. The Data Mining refers to extracting or mining knowledge from huge volume of data. In this paper different classification techniques of Data Mining are compared using diverse(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes that are arbitrarily located so that the interconnections between nodes are energetically altering [1]. In MANET mobile nodes forms a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. A routing procedure is used to find routes between mobile(More)
Wireless sensor networks is composed of thousands of nodes that are deployed in large geographical area and these sensor nodes are small, wireless and battery powered. Wireless Sensor Network have wide range of applications but they are conquered with many challenging issues and complications that need to be addressed. The energy consumption of the nodes(More)
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