Anuj Bhatia

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Although the stellate ganglion is located anteriorly to the first rib, anesthetic block is routinely performed at the C6 level. Ultrasonography allegedly improves accuracy of needle placement and spread of injectate. The technique is relatively new, and the optimal approach has not been determined. Moreover, the location of the(More)
A hypersensitivity reaction, either anaphylactic or anaphylactoid, is a well-known adverse effect following intravenous and oral administration of vancomycin. The authors report a case of circulatory collapse and its management after the topical application of vancomycin powder during spinal instrumentation surgery. A 52-year-old woman with breast cancer(More)
INTRODUCTION Peripheral neuropathic pain (PNP) associated with trauma is often refractory to treatment. Administration of local anaesthetics (LA) and steroids around injured nerves has been proposed as an option for patients unresponsive to conventional treatments for refractory PNP following trauma. There is insufficient evidence to support a large,(More)
invited speaker: irene Tracey nuffield Professor anaesthetic science & director, oxford centre for fMri of Brain, nuffield department of clinical neurosciences, (head, nuffield division anaesthetics), oxford university, england, uK The ability to experience pain is old and shared across species. It confers an evolutionary advantage and provides a warning of(More)
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