Anugula Nagaraju

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Comparative molecular field analysis and comparative molecular similarity indices analysis were performed on 114 analogues of 1,2-diarylimidazole to optimize their cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) selective antiinflammatory activities. These studies produced models with high correlation coefficients and good predictive abilities. Docking studies were also carried(More)
In(OTf)3-catalyzed robust and sustainable one-pot access to previously unknown and synthetically demanding polysubstituted pyrroles via [3 + 2] annulation of α-oxoketene-N,S-acetals with β-nitrostyrenes has been achieved under solvent-free conditions. The merit of this domino Michael addition/cyclization sequence is highlighted by its operational(More)
A highly convergent and regioselective heteroannulation protocol for the synthesis of hitherto unreported highly substituted 2-amino-4-(aryl/alkyl)-5-(aroyl/heteroaroyl)-3-(cyano/carboalkoxy)-6-methylthio-4H-thiopyran derivatives has been developed. This one-pot three-component domino coupling of β-oxodithioesters, aldehydes, and malononitrile/ethyl or(More)
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