Anubhuti Saha

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In this paper we have described a steganalytic tool to detect the presence of hidden message in LSB steganography. It is a stego -only attack in LSB insertion for uncompressed color images encoded in 24 bit BMP format. The detection theory is based on statistical analysis of pixel pairs using their RGB components. The necessity of a variable threshold to(More)
Presence of pectoral muscle has always been a hindrance in neoplasm detection in screening mammography. Mediolateral-oblique (MLO) x-ray view of the breast taken while screening mammography shows the presence of pectoral muscle. The intensity range shared by pectoral muscle, masses and calcification clusters being almost the same makes pectoral muscle(More)
The snakes can adopt manifold gaits and its motion has the characteristics of catholicity, ground adaptability, scalability, stability and high efficiency. This motivates the designing of multi-link wheeled snake robot using the principal of differential friction and Active Cord Mechanism (ACM) to produce serpentine movement. This paper focuses on the(More)
LSB steganography is one of the popular ways of message embedding in different multimedia cover objects. A number of commercial steganography software tools use LSB insertion as a method of message packing. In the present work the detailed study has been made regarding the stochastic properties of the embedded message and LSB pattern in colour and gray(More)
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