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Variation of biochemical composition of eighteen marine macroalgae collected from Okha coast, Gulf of Kutch, India.
Eighteen species of marine macroalgae belonging to Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta were collected from Okha coast, Gulf of Kutch, India and compared for their biochemical composition. TheExpand
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Differential Effects of Agricultural Pesticides Endosulfan and Tebuconazole on Photosynthetic pigments , Metabolism and Assimilating Enzymes of Three Heterotrophic , Filamentous Cyanobacteria
Cyanobacteria are present abundantly in rice fields and are important in helping to maintain rice field fertility through nitrogen fixation. Application of agricultural pesticides for improving cropExpand
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An Evaluation of the Pigment Composition of Eighteen Marine Macroalgae Collected from Okha Coast, Gulf of Kutch, India
Marine algae are one of the most important marine living resources for food, feed and medicine since ancient times in the West. However, due to lack of awareness among the people especially in India,Expand
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Chronic Toxicity of the Triazole Fungicide Tebuconazole on a Heterocystous, Nitrogen-Fixing Rice Paddy Field Cyanobacterium, Westiellopsis prolifica Janet
This study explored the chronic effects of different doses of the triazole fungicide tebuconazole on the growth, and metabolic and enzymatic functions of the filamentous paddy field cyanobacterium,Expand
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An Evaluation of Pesticide Stress Induced Proteins in three Cyanobacterial Species-Anabaena Fertilissima, Aulosira Fertilissima and Westiellopsis Prolifica using SDS-PAGE
The whole-cell protein-profiling technique was evaluated for studying differences in banding pattern of three different species of Cyanobacteria i.e. Anabaena fertilissima, Aulosira fertilissima andExpand
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Chronic response of Anabaena fertilissima Rao, C.B. on growth, metabolites and enzymatic activities by chlorophenoxy herbicide.
Study was carried out to investigate the chronic response of cyanobacteria, Anabaena fertilissima to chlorophenoxy herbicide 2,4-dichlorophynoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) ethyl ester at differentExpand
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Evidences showing 2,4-D ethyl ester and pencycuron-induced DNA damage in cyanobacteria and detection by PCR
The impact of 2,4-D ethyl ester and pencycuron in inducing DNA damage in three species of cyanobacteria-Anabaena fertilissima, Aulosira fertilissima, and Westiellopsis prolifica as evidenced byExpand
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Studies on biodegradation and molecular characterization of 2,4-D Ethyl Ester and Pencycuron induced Cyanobacteria by using GC-MS and 16S rDNA sequencing
GC-MS study and molecular characterization by 16S rDNA amplification were carried out to evaluate differential effects of 2,4-D ethyl ester and pencycuron on Anabaena fertilissima, AulosiraExpand
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