Anuar Hassan

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Production of sterile triploid red tilapia [Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia); Peters, 1852 × Oreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia); Linnaeus, 1758] is an effective strategy to overcome their prolific breeding. Optimal conditions for cold-shock induction of triploidy in red tilapia were investigated by experimentally examining two variables:(More)
The trilobite larvae of C. rotundicauda were tested to determine their colour preference and light sensitivity until their first moulting (25 days post hatching) under laboratory conditions. Maximum congregation size of the trilobite larvae was found in the white zone respectively where (n = 12) followed by yellow (n = 8) and orange (n = 8), which showed(More)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of segmented animation with various user control strategies on students' achievement. The research design was in a quasi-experimental form and the research data were analyzed using a quantitative approach. Sample sizes of 265 semester two students pursuing the Diploma in Networking System from five(More)
This study intends to evaluate the effects of talking-head animation on the pronunciation of words by using various levels of realism. The evaluation is measured by using the pronunciation test after students have completed the self-exploratory coursework. The four talking-head animation coursework with varying levels of realism such as the 3D non-realistic(More)
Survival of larvae of mud crab, Scylla serrata (Forsskal, 1775) is a persistent issue in the field of induced breeding of the species. A preliminary study was conducted on feeding regimes of laboratory reared larvae and juveniles of S. serrata. The results showed that the survival of the larvae fed with green water alone or green water with plankton and(More)
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