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Palliative care involves the complete, holistic care of people with progressive illness and their families. People living with motor neurone disease (MND) require a range of multidisciplinary palliative care services. However, there are significant gaps in our understanding of these people's lives, experiences of services and their suggestions for service(More)
The frequency of use and duration of wearing latex gloves among hospital employees has increased due to concerns about AIDS and hepatitis. In many countries there is increased consciousness about latex sensitization. In the UK, the Medical Device Agency has been monitoring latex allergy for a number of years but has not found any conclusive evidence of any(More)
Clinical outcome measures are used in clinical audit to monitor the quality of care provided to patients. As information technology (IT) is increasingly being integrated into the delivery of health care, computerising the use of clinical outcome measures has been proposed. However, little is known about the attitudes of health professionals towards this.(More)
A number of palliative care outcome measures are used to facilitate the provision of palliative care. This short article reports the use of one palliative care outcome measure, the Palliative care Outcome Scale, with people with motor neurone disease (MND) living at home. The outcome measure was generally viewed positively by those involved. However,(More)
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