Anu Saini

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WSDL is used to describe the interface of a service, in XML format. The interface describes the functional properties as well as non functional properties. We are concerned with specifying ‘criteria’ as a non functional property of a web service. For this we have extend WSDL to X-WSDL. In order to add criteria information we extend the WSDL(More)
In today's world internet is the answer to every question. So at any time one can easily copy the content from web and use it. This is known as plagiarism .It is growing now days. Usually in plagiarism people reword the documents, copy them, do not give references. It is difficult to detect plagiarism as people rephrase the text do not copy it directly. To(More)
The exponential growth in the amount of data gathered from various sources has resulted in the need for more efficient algorithms to quickly analyze large datasets. Clustering techniques, like K-Means are useful in analyzing data in a parallel fashion. K-Means largely depends upon a proper initialization to produce optimal results. K-means++(More)
A current mode sample and hold circuit is presented in this paper at 180nm technology. The major concerns of VLSI are area, power, delay and speed. Hence, we have used a MOSFET in triode region in the proposed architecture for voltage to current conversion instead of a resistor being used in previously proposed circuit. The proposed circuit achieves high(More)
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