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Rotations performed with the index finger and thumb involve some of the most complex motor action among common multi-touch gestures, yet little is known about the factors affecting performance and ergonomics. This note presents results from a study where the angle, direction, diameter, and position of rotations were systematically manipulated. Subjects were(More)
Multi-touch gestures are prevalent interaction techniques for many different types of devices and applications. One of the most common gestures is the pinch gesture, which involves the expansion or contraction of a finger spread. There are multiple uses for this gesture--zooming and scaling being the most common--but little is known about the factors(More)
Since the recent emergence of electronic literature resources, researchers have begun to adopt new informationseeking practices. The purpose of this research is to investigate the information needs and searching behaviors of researchers, and their implications for electronic literature search tools. We conducted mixed-method case studies involving(More)
Wearable technologies are often used for supporting our daily lives instead of aiming to be entertaining. Yet it is in our daily lives that clothing is used to highlight our personas and engage others. In this paper, we describe what type of social acceptance issues might be worth to consider when it comes to entertaining and engaging wearable technology.(More)
Many devices are still unconnected. We apply mobile imaging to log measurements from personal health devices. Such devices sometimes offer wired and wireless links, but they suffer from many problems (setup, breaking connections, non-mobility). We propose to use instead ubiquitous mobile phone cameras to capture the measurements and store them for further(More)
Technological support for augmenting the relationship that people establish with remote places has been studied fairly little as the primary focus in telepresence studies is the connection between people. This paper addresses the design challenge for supporting "active place presence" at home. A prototype, Hole in Space, was created to explore the design(More)
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