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BACKGROUND Earlier we have shown that the mobile phone radiation (radiofrequency modulated electromagnetic fields; RF-EMF) alters protein expression in human endothelial cell line. This does not mean that similar response will take place in human body exposed to this radiation. Therefore, in this pilot human volunteer study, using proteomics approach, we(More)
Long-term geomagnetic activity presented by the aa index has been used to show that the heliospheric magnetic field has more than doubled during the last 100 years. However, serious concern has been raised on the long-term consistency of the aa index and on the centennial rise of the solar magnetic field. Here we reanalyze geomagnetic activity during the(More)
The paper discusses the implications of a correcting the Dst index using a method set forth in a recent paper by the same authors in GRL [Mursula and Karinen, Explaining and correcting the excessive semiannual The rationale for the paper is the correctness of the method and conclusion of that previous paper: A) Is there a problem at all (" excessive "(More)
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