Anu B. Machettira

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Organelles are surrounded by membranes with a distinct lipid and protein composition. While it is well established that lipids affect protein functioning and vice versa, it has been only recently suggested that elevated membrane protein concentrations may affect the shape and organization of membranes. We therefore analyzed the effects of high chloroplast(More)
Preprotein import into chloroplasts depends on macromolecular machineries in the outer and inner chloroplast envelope membrane (TOC and TIC). It was suggested that both machineries are interconnected by components of the intermembrane space (IMS). That is, amongst others, Tic22, of which two closely related isoforms exist in Arabidopsis thaliana, namely(More)
Tic20 is a central, membrane-embedded component of the precursor protein translocon of the inner envelope of chloroplasts (TIC). In Arabidopsis thaliana, four different isoforms of Tic20 exist. They are annotated as atTic20-I, -II, -IV and -V and form two distinct phylogenetic subfamilies in embryophyta. Consistent with atTic20-I being the only essential(More)
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