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An interdisciplinary clinical team is a consistent grouping of people from relevant clinical disciplines, ideally inclusive of the patient, whose interactions are guided by specific team functions and processes to achieve team-defined favorable patient outcomes. Teamwork supported by properly designed eHealth applications could help create more effective(More)
Dehiscence of bronchial trunk after lung resection is a severe complication. Beside early re-thoracotomy, in certain cases endoscopic (bronchoscopic) treatment of the bronchial fistula may be applied. In a series of patients, we used this method successfully with the help of a fibrin glue of domestic production. The method is most appropriate for fistulas(More)
84 patients with bronchial carcinoid tumors were analysed on during of 28 years. 26 of them were detected by radiography and 58 by symptoms. The bronchoscopy with biopsy is the most important diagnostic procedure. The preoperative histological or cytological diagnosis was correct in 25 cases. The suspicion was given only in 39 patients. The surgical therapy(More)
As experiences from other countries show, introduction and use of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG), as of January 2004 now also mandatory in Germany, may have a significant impact on associated rehabilitation. The Institute of Hospital Management (IKM) in a multi-centre study promoted by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund and Deutsche Rentenversicherung(More)
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